green europe

Efficient technologies for manufacturing innovative and environmentally friendly products

The project

Our project is developed by Promateris SA (Romania) as a project promoter and BioBag International AS (Norway) as a project partner. The project’s aim is business cooperation development between Romania and Norway in order to offer solutions for both land and marine single use plastic littering and pollution.

Our project addresses a wide range of problems and offers sustainable solutions to them. Part of the external problems we are addressing are: increased demand for sustainable products to replace single use plastic ones due to changing the EU legislation, single use plastic pollution and food waste recycling.

The investment in the project is over EUR 2.4 MIL and Promateris is the beneficiary of an EUR 950.000 aid provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021, project call SME Growth.

We strongly believe in sustainable business models, that have a positive impact on local communities, environment and all the stakeholders involved directly and indirectly in our business.

Our products address two social problems

Plastic polution

Plastic has experienced significant increase in consumption for the last decades mostly because of the low cost, its diverse applications and accessibility to petroleum-based chemicals. We believe that the world has abused the production of non-recyclable single-use packaging, which is weightless, cheap and which ends up polluting the nature, the oceans and when burnt is emitting dangerous substances for the human health.

Food waste

Today, more than a third of the food we are producing is being wasted. Around 50% of the waste that gets to the bins is bio-waste. In a truly efficient waste management system, compostable packaging can be easily recycled with the food waste through composting. This way, and by applying the principles of the Circular Economy, all this waste can be processed and can be transformed into valuable compost which can later be used for territorial regeneration, agriculture, natural hazards and many other applications.

We have three target clients:
retailers, farmers and industrial manufacturers

The project offers a solution both to the increasing consumers demand (as a result of the changing EU legislation) and to the environmental issues the world is confronting today.

The Products

The Green Europe project plans to manufacture the following categories of products:

Compostable packaging

● lightweight carrier bags (for fruits, vegetable, cheese or meat)

● compostable films for family care and baby care (film for pads, diapers)

● films used in agriculture (mulching films)

Marine biodegradable packaging

● different types of bags 

● PHA based products (polyhydroxyalkanoates) being fully marine biodegradable and which can also replace some conventional plastic bags and films

Know-how transfer

Both partners intend to develop a best practice model for other industry competitors. BBIAS, with extensive experience in the market for sustainable consumer goods, will share knowledge regarding product and market development, consumer information, best-selling products, but also the most efficient production processes.