Our aim is to achieve zero industrial waste in the manufacturing process. We strive to make production processes as environmentally friendly as possible, which includes the reduction of waste and the re-conversion of valuable materials during manufacturing.

Building Circular Production Chains

The bio-based compostable solutions are designed in order to enable circular supply chains rather than linear ones. We apply the same principle for our production process, and we are proud to say that we have a 100% recycling and re-use rate of our technological waste.

Bio-based materials

We are using state of the art bio-based recycling equipment

No waste, we have a 100% re-use rate

Recycling process

Residual bio-based and compostable waste from the manufacturing process is a high quality and valuable material. Our equipment is helping us and our clients re-granulate the bio-compounds in order to be fed back into production. This helps us achieve both our environmental and economic objectives, of achieving a production waste recycling rate of 100%.