BioMateris: A new generation of bio-based compounds for biodegradable and compostable packaging

A more sustainable future

BioMateris stands at the forefront of the evolving packaging industry, championing environmental responsibility. This innovative material is not just a product; it's a testament to the commitment towards a more sustainable future.

PROMATERIS is the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to develop such a product. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the region's industrial landscape, setting a precedent for sustainable manufacturing practices. By introducing BioMateris, PROMATERIS paves the way for manufacturers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

BioMateris is made of renewable agricultural resources and biopolymers. Designed for blown film applications, it can be used with regular extrusion lines, making it easy to integrate into existing production setups.
BioMateris can be used in the following areas: agriculture (mulching film, compostable clips), packaging (different types of bags, food contact bags, cling film, trays, lids), carrier bags, food service/HoReCa (tableware such as: knives, forks, spoons, straws, lids), bio waste management solutions (bin liners).

BioMateris — Product & Industrial applications:


BioMateris applications designed for agricultural use have the unique ability to biodegrade in the soil. This is particularly beneficial considering the high levels of contamination from dirt, pesticides, and other treatments that make traditional plastic difficult to recycle. BioMateris can be left in the field to naturally biodegrade, simplifying logistics and reducing the cost associated with recycling used mulching film. BioMateris also supports the better growth of harvests while also simplifying the process.

Products that can be developed with BioMateris: mulching film, compostable clips.


BioMateris can be used in a wide range of packaging applications, including bags, cling films, trays or lids. It's designed to be used for blown film as a main application, while injection moulding can also be a secondary application. A key feature of our material is its unique barrier properties, such as breathability, which extends the shelf life of products. This makes BioMateris a superior choice for a variety of packaging needs.

Products that can be developed with BioMateris: different types of bags, food contact bags, cling film, trays or lids.


The bags produced from BioMateris can be the ideal alternative to lightweight plastic bags. They are certified as biodegradable and compostable and can be reused for organic waste collection. This aligns perfectly with many EU states' initiatives to replace plastic bags with compostable options.

Products that can be developed with BioMateris: carrier bags


BioMateris is also an ideal material for producing bin liners for organic and vegetable waste. These compostable bags play a crucial role in effective organic waste separation and help divert food waste from landfills. Food getting in the landfill is extremely polluting, since it emits carbon monoxide, a greenhouse gas 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Products that can be developed with BioMateris:
bin liners for organic and vegetable waste (household, parks, green spaces)


BioMateris is a cutting-edge solution for e-commerce packaging. This innovative approach enhances sustainability efforts while delivering uncompromised quality standards, setting a new benchmark for environmentally-conscious packaging solutions.