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Bio-based, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Materials and solutions for the circular economy.

Bio-based circular economy

The EU Plastics Strategy and the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy set the pathway to the reduction of the use of plastics in various applications, especially packaging, and sets specific targets for the use of recycled and/or bio-based plastic solutions towards 2030.

In that context, bio-based and compostable solutions are desired features when it comes to packaging, especially for food contact (fruit & vegetable) ones, since many times the packaging material contains food remains which makes it almost impossible to recycle. The new generation of bio-based compostable products are the solution for the organic waste collection streams, together with the food waste, in order to be composted, thus diverting it from landfill or incineration. We consider bio-based circular solutions to be the best option in terms of environmental, economic and societal sustainability.

Area of expertise

Leading European manufacturer of sustainable products and solutions for the circular economy.


New formulations in order to achieve upgraded physical properties


High quality bio-based and compostable products


We continuously develop formulations to increase the environmental benefits of our products

Non-GMO raw material, guaranteed quality and performance. High content of renewable materials, certified compostable.

Our Products

Compostable single-layer and double-layer film
Compostable tubular film
Compostable gusseted tubular film
Shopper bags (t-shirt bags) and tear-off liasses. Shopper bags on a block
Bottom seal tear-off bags, die-cut handle tear off bags
Fruit and vegetables shopper bag on a roll
Bags on a roll
Gusseted sacks on a roll
Fruit & vegetables shopper sacks on a roll
Star-sealed and wave top opening bags on a roll
Bin liners
Bin liners with handle
Compostable mulching film
Compostable construction film