We are a leading European manufacturing specialist in the emerging industry of sustainable products and solutions for the circular economy: from bio-based compostable packaging to end-of-life solutions, initiatives and partnerships for innovation.

Our story: Half-century of expertise

We are an entrepreneurial entity with roots in an East-European country, Romania: a small start more than 50 years ago, followed by an organic growth riding the wave of manufacturing opportunities. We gained local leadership in more than half a century of manufacturing expertise in chemical engineering and established a reputation as a respected manufacturer.

In the last years we have evolved from a company with local ambitions to a regional player and a trusted counterpart in matters of sustainable packaging products and solutions for the circular economy, with investments in end-of-life solutions. The transition from plastic to bioplastic was a natural course of action. We now invest heavily in the latest technologies and place our bets at the forefront of R&D alliances to help close the circle. We work with top R&D labs in the world and export on three continents.

We pledge to be an agile industrial player, a reliable long-term business partner, and a wise social counterpart in this collective venture for a more sustainable and healthier environment.

“My recurring thought as a leader is actually an enduring question: how can I constantly come up with high value-added products and solutions? How will I break this circle of innovation-rapidly-becoming-commodity (be it in packaging or else), how do I connect the dots towards a new leap? How can I empower my team to give their best? The restlessness of these questions keeps our minds alert here. But beyond a constant questioning, the answers we give to these questions and the decision we take ultimately define our role in this world and the good reputation that comes with it. And that’s serious business.”

Tudor Georgescu
CEO, Promateris

Our strategic directions

Innovation & Quality

We are a pioneer in the bio-based production, with unique formulations to fit even the most exigent needs. Together with our partners, both retailers and sustainable brands, we are constantly developing products that respond to the needs of the changing society.

Investments in technology

Constant investments in state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Quality is important to us, which is why we carry out rigorous tests and constantly improve our formulations and products design.

Circular solutions

Made of rapidly renewable resources, we offer biodegradable and compostable solutions for bio-waste collection. Through our product design we aim to offer a solution to single use plastic pollution and to the separate collection of organic waste, enabling its composting process. 

Our trusted clients

Customer centricity is at the heart of our business philosophy and this is not an empty promise, but a guiding principle in our day to day activities.

Modern retail chains

Our main clients are both DIY (do-it-yourself) retailers, such as Dedeman, Hornbach or Leroy Merlin and modern retail chains, such as: Carrefour, Kaufland, Auchan, Mega Image, Penny, etc. Our products get commercialized in retail either directly or through national and international distributors.


Our clients are important international names in the manufacturing industry: packaging, agriculture, cable manufacturers, etc. We meet their requirements with high quality and reliable products that fit even the most exigent needs.

The final client

Having in mind a more sustainable approach to consumption patterns regarding food waste and waste management, we offer a wide range of products that are designed to deliver both environmental and functional performance.

We strongly believe in innovation and in it’s power to increase the standard of living and to solve the problems faced by today’s society.

We are what we value

Values are not mere words; they are the "practice of our preaching", the catalyst of our behaviors, the invisible link, our tacit agreements, and non-written rules.


We like to refer to ourselves as „agile pioneers” whose natural state is inquisitiveness and the power to make the most of whatever comes towards us. In this field of work and knowledge, the only way to stay ahead and see what’s coming is a state of positive alertness.


Being decisive takes the courage to experiment. We stand for entrepreneurial thinking and action and for this, we fight to create a safe environment, error-proof and guilt-free, where people can fail. If we allow individuals to fail sometimes, we know we’ll never fail as a team.

Respect & Responsibility

Responsibility imbues the entire value chain: it flows towards employees who need both professional and personal growth, towards partners and clients, towards other institutions that play a role in the circular economy.

Know-How & Competence

Preserving competence in a fast-paced world on innovative matters requires constant investment and constant questioning. Our realistic hope is to bring about better versions of materials and solutions, including better versions of ourselves.