December 3, 2020

Business Magazin Article

The Romanian producer that chose sustainability as a business strategy. What changes will this bring to the Romanian company, but also to the industry?

Producer of bio-based and compostable packaging interview in Business Magazin

We are happy to be featured in the latest edition of Business Magazin. You can read the full interview here.

The ban on the use of disposable plastic bags has changed both the attitude of Romanians towards bio-based and compostable products, but also the entire Prodplast business - which has become Promateris in the new context. 2021 will come with a new stage in the public's familiarization with compostable products, considering the new Compost Law, which will oblige companies and individuals to collect their bio-waste separately. What changes will this bring to the Romanian company, but also to the industry?

It is obvious to me that the public has become more aware of the impact that its actions have on the environment. However, this is a rather complex field, and for a correct understanding of all the implications, it takes time to understand the underlying issues, says Tudor Georgescu, CEO of Promateris, the regional leader in the production of compostable bio-based packaging.

Extrusion machines in the Promateris factory

The CEO believes that we can easily fall into extremist traps and propose solutions that are not scalable or that would not be accepted by the general public.

It is important to understand that changes, both in terms of public understanding and technological innovation, come incrementally and we cannot offer miraculous solutions overnight. However, I believe in the power of technology and innovation and I am confident that in the coming years a series of materials with high sustainability performance will be developed. We aim to be one of these companies, he describes the objectives he aims at.

Bio-based compostable film rolls

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